About Jessica - The Shadow Hunter

I was born in the United Kingdom but I have lived in Adelaide, South Australia for thirty years. I have always believed that our lives are short excerpts of an eternal play. I see a trip to Earth as being an avatar in a game, a game of opportunity and choice: Life.

This Site Is Orientated Towards Action

My companion website, jessicaluxmoore.com.au, is designed for those newly dipping their toes into the world of spirituality. It has three portals: Shadow Work, Collective Consciousness, and Twin Flames. Whereas this website fulfils the need of those who seek greater depth of understanding; let’s say those waist-deep in the world of spirituality or personal growth, and who are looking at taking radical spiritual action.


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The Importance Of Personal Shadow Work

After a devastating emotional experience I embarked on a journey back to myself. In time, I realised the importance of personal shadow work to influence the global shadow. So, in 2017, I wrote Lighten Up! For Humanity’s Sake. Which I published and launched in 2018, with the hope that people will read, understand, and pursue their own shadow work.

With the book now taking care of itself in the world, I asked:

  • “How can I be of service?”
  • “How best can I help to facilitate the change we need to make?”

The answer came to me through several sources: Shadow Work Adelaide.

Shadow Work Is A Daily Enquiry

I am passionate about shadow work as a form of healing and growth, as I have experienced first-hand how life-altering this inner-work can be. My beliefs and behaviours have upgraded and my outlook has greatly expanded. SHADOW WORK has become a daily enquiry for me and now, having dedicated many years to personal shadow work, I feel perfectly positioned to help you embark on your own journey.

Time To Recalibrate

Aside from daily shadow work or quiet reflection, I walk my dog, Shadow, in the hills or along the beach, which gives me time to recalibrate in nature. I have been involved in a book club with friends for over a decade but it’s not uncommon for the allotted book to be sidelined for research topics for my next book. These vary from books about the Love, the Universal Basic Income, psychopathy, quantum ideas, public policy to inter-dimensional beings!

To keep my body healthy, strong, and flexible I practice yoga, do some weight-resistance training, and am learning the art of qigong. I appreciate intermittent fasting and vegan philosophies and follow their principles most of the time—I love cheese and so this is now an occasional indulgence. I am blessed with three adult children who all live near me and a plethora of dear friends. I love to garden, go to the movies, sit out on my deck and listen to the birds.

This is a really peaceful and interesting time in my life.

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