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Shadow Work

The most authentic spiritual path is the one that leads back to yourself: shadow work. Shadow work will make a significant difference to your wellbeing, your relationships, and your soul. Learn more…



I am delighted to be able to offer you my insight and expertise to assist you with your own shadow work journey. Shadow hunting is my language. I can hear how your shadow is calling you. Learn more…



Are you ready for a deep dive into the heart of spirituality?

Reconnecting your mind body, and soul, and integrating the unrealised, hidden, or shadow aspects of yourself brings about wholeness. As human beings experiencing life on Earth, this return to wholeness or balance and self is what it’s all about.

Radical Spiritual Action

Shadow work is radical spiritual action. Initially, it requires discipline and diligence, integrity and honesty, and before long, it is an integral part of your life. It’s the shadow work—or inner-work, as it is sometimes known—that expands your awareness and raises your vibration. In practical terms you will be less stressed, more peaceful, more aware and less fearful of the “game” playing out around you.

We Are Energetic Beings

The shadow is a fascinating subject. It is embedded into our energetic universal framework that many of you know as the matrix. As energy beings we continually send out and receive signals. We put out electromagnetic messages that are decoded by the energy framework that we are connected to and returned to us are corresponding experiences. This energetic interaction applies to each of us personally as well as collectively.

Humanity Needs Integration

Humanity has shadow aspects that also need integration. Oftentimes, it is easier to see how the shadow plays in the macrocosmic or global arena than in the microcosmic or personal arena. This is why I am offering personal one to one shadow work consultancy; mentoring you to identify your running programmes, to explain concepts in a practical sense, and to help you create new behavioural patterns with a clear lens through which you will understand your life. The SHADOW WORK and CONSULTANCY portals provide further information.

As your personal awareness broadens so will your global awareness. As your personal triggers subside, you will be able to tolerate a broader view of global events without being filled with rage or fear.

We Are The Choices We Make

We are all actors in a game called “Life”, evolving our souls through the choices we make. With unhealed wounds we see and feel our experiences reflected in the behaviour of others. We also project our shadow traits onto others—those traits of which we are unaware. Integrating our shadow aspects is fundamental to the game; our shadow influences the choices we make.

The #1 Action You Can Take

The number one action you can take to help your relationships, humanity’s collective shadow and the planet, is to commit to shadow work. It’s all about our energy and how we use it. Let’s do this Adelaide!

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